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This is a subjective evaluation of the electromagnetic energy patterns in our bodies. We can perceive them in ourselves and others as clues to health or imbalance.

By asking the proper questions of life patterns, we can get in touch with specific energy flows.

Following some simple directions, we can improve our state of health, so that we can notice the difference in how we feel. These corrections will generally be felt immediately as renewed connections of balance and lightness.

The focus of the questions are on: Energy, Coordination, Digestion and Elimination.

Click on answers below for assistance:


  How are you feeling right now?
Good, but could be better.
    Tired and dazed.
    I should have stayed in bed!

  How is your timing and coordination?
I have been making mistakes on the keyboard.
    I have difficulty making selections.
    I have had a clumsy experience lately.

  Do you experience discomfort after eating?
I have heartburn and acid indigestion.
    I experience allergies and skin rashes.
    I feel sorry for someone or myself.

  Do you experience flu-like symptoms?
I am cranky or crabby.
    I sometimes feel separated from everyone.
    I feel achy all over.

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