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Herbal Therapy

The philosophy of natural healing is based on the fact that the body is capable of healing itself. This is true provided the K-27 energy points are in alignment, there are positive thought patterns, and the body receives the proper nourishment that is converted into electrical energy which allows the body to heal. Food herbs, along with color therapy/sunlight are the oldest healing methods known to Humankind. They form the basis of all life on Earth.

The richest source of all of the indispensable elements for balance are available through the food herbs. Ancient writings describe them as being the safest and best method of treating discomfort. Before 1500 AD herbs were the sole source of medicine. An herb is defined as a seed plant which does not develop woody tissue like that of a shrub or tree, but is more or less soft or succulent. They generally grow in a seasonal cycle.

The simple food herbs of Nature contain all the necessary ingredients to build the perfect body. Moreover they trap solar radiations and are converted into nutrition in the bloodstream to make life possible. These healing plants possess a mysterious and miraculous faculty to absorb the inorganic elements and convert them into the required organic trace minerals. This stimulates the element of fire in the body. In addition to supplying oxygen, they are the intermediaries that transform the simple elements and com- pounds of the soil and the air into the requirements of life. These required ingredients of life must be in their natural and organic state to allow the body to transform this raw material into usable energy to function. Food herbs supply the body with many important requirements so it may better do its job of carrying the brain around.

When using Nature’s own forces, herbs may be classified in three different categories based on their long term effects. These categories are poisonous, medicinal and food/nutritional value. Their purpose is to neutralize and eliminate from the body the harmful substances that impair its power to heal itself. Poisonous herbs may bring very short term, specific benefits, but have virtually no margin for error, and if misused in the least can cause a quick and permanent transformation. Medicinal herbs will bring short term, specific benefits, with a wider margin for error, but with constant use can cause a reversal of any benefits when used longer than necessary. Herbs as food will bring broad and general benefits. These may be eaten in almost any amounts and they may be eaten forever without side effects.


In using Nature’s own forces the food herbs are the most important classification whereas the medicinal and poison herbs are called to assist and supplement the food herbs during times of imbalance. These helpers are the medicinal plants. Food herbs may be divided into three subdivisions depending on which body system they replenish. They are the digestive, immune and circulation systems. An almost exclusive menu of food herbs will help maintain a nutritious balance in the body.

In fact green is the color of balance. Food herbs are whole, integrated food and energy sources. They carry invisible spiritual, emotional and physical power. When we eat them we are eating wholeness. If we follow Nature, Nature will take care of us. Common sense tells us that Nature supplies most of our foods from the vegetable and herb kingdoms, therefore we know it supplies us with the remedies for most imbalances. With their use we find every element needed to balance the body chemistry to over- come bodily ills.

The ancient philosophy of holistic self-healing does not focus on dis-ease but rather deals with wellness and building general steady strength to create life. Originally, natural healing remedies and diets tended to be general rather than specifically oriented to an illness. Herbs are not intended simply to alleviate conditions in the body. Their purpose is to strengthen the body and mind at basic levels to rectify imbalances. When we ponder herbs, we must not wait until we are overtaken by imbalance before we resort to their healing powers; rather, we must use them as our daily food.

Begin to NOT think of specific cures for specific problems but consider only strengthening your body/temple with the correct principles of life: regenerating food/ herbs, exercise/movement and a positive attitude. When every cell is charged and activated daily to the maximum of their potential, a wealth of Human power will be released. The use of food herbs will assist in the understanding of Spirit for every individual. Once balance has been established on the inner plane, rapid advancement will be experienced on the path. When one is in good health, one is better able to do spiritual endeavors. The immutable laws of nature were set down for us at the moment of the dawn of time.

It stands to reason that our food was here for us long before we came to visit the planet. With the use of food herbs we allow our bodies to pattern life with Nature and function as a part of the whole. To live long and to gather wisdom, it is imperative that we live close to Nature. We have drifted away from the understanding of Nature. We have lost contact. It is time to return to the source and re-establish touch with Mother Earth, thus reaping Her rewards.

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