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All Is One

The basic Energy Balancing program I have gathered together focuses on electro- magnetic energy circuits that give the body it’s spark of Life. This energy is regulated by the K-27's, the main neurological switchboards that organize this energy flow. These points must be in alignment. See Energy Balancing Book. This electrical energy is  flowing throughout the body has very exacting and delicate patterns. When this Life Force flows freely and is moving properly, the body will be in a state of balance resulting in good health.

When this energy becomes restricted or blocked, the result is imbalance that will express symptoms of pain and dis-ease. The energy that I am referring to is known by many names. The Buddhists call it Kundalini, the Chinese call it Chi, the Japanese call it Ki. In Sanskrit it is Parana. The Polynesians call it Mana. In Hebrew it is identified as Rauch. Native Americans call it the Great Spirit. Wilhelm Reich called it Orogone.

Once this energy is moving unrestricted through the body, the focus of the program is on the digestive tract consisting of the stomach, small and large intestines. The stomach must be kept down in it’s proper position. When it is popped up and out of position, food cannot be properly digested causing the body to become nutritionally deficient. When the small and large intestine receive the undigested food, they cannot absorb the minerals the body needs. When this happens, the body loses it’s ability to rebuild and recharge itself. The next step is to correct any restrictions or blockage occurring in the elimination process by making sure the Ileo-Cecal Valve and the Folds of Houston are working properly, the pelvis is in alignment and the lymphatic system is removing waste.

There is also a major focus on the muscles. They are responsible for body movement. They also hold bones and organs in place. When muscles are weak or “out of shape,” this can cause bones and organs to slip out of position. The techniques used are designed to stimulate by massage to motivate muscles and help realign bones and organs. The mis-alignment of bones and organs will cause the Life Force to become restricted or blocked resulting in pain and dis-ease. The next step of the program is to realign structural imbalances in the body. Many structural mis-alignments occur as a result of birthing traumas or physical injury to the body. These injuries will eventually cause negative emotions to be expressed, ex: neck - fear, index finger - guilt, liver - anger. The body responds well to the use of color for releasing trauma. The last of the physical corrections in the body is to realign imbalances in the skull, where the sutures have the potential of sticking together or apart.

Once the physical body is in proper balance, we move to the auric field and balance the seven major Chakras using color therapy. Next we apply the true preventive therapy which is emotional counseling. The negative words we speak and think cause negative vibrations to resonate in specific organs. So we must learn the vibration of our thoughts and words. This a powerful key in maintaining good health.

With increased consciousness, Applied Kinesiology or Muscle Testing is an excellent system of obtaining objective information and is capable of evaluating health patterns.When the body is structurally in alignment, the final healing will come through the awakening of the Spirit within.

This book has been written in simple terms for easy understanding, so that everyone can relate to the subject of good health. I have refrained from using names of dis-eases that most of us cannot pronounce much less understand. The naming of dis-ease is a negative expression. This method of identification with imbalance actually separates us from good health. There is much focus on reducing the symptoms of dis-ease and little is done to address the real cause. It is important to first remove the cause of pain and dis-ease, then we can address the pain and dis-ease itself.

It is important for us to understand that there are unseen sides of Life. Every act, word or thought has it’s effect on this unseen world that surrounds us. The results of our actions have a greater importance than those which are visible to us. The basis for this is that everything is electrically interconnected. The wise person knows this and takes into account the wholeness of the Universe and lives Life accordingly. The awareness that we create our own reality eliminates stress and the difficulties of Life. This makes our lives much happier and as a result we will become more useful to humanity. This requires knowledge and knowledge is power.

To exist is not enough, we must live intelligently. To live we must know, and to know is to learn about the electrical and spiritual aspects of the world in which we live. This will help us to have more harmonious and rewarding experiences during our lifetime.For a long time now, our theories of health have placed responsibility on external causes such as spirits, demons, germs and viruses. The time has come for a complete change. We know that these external causes are actually holographic images within our consciousness and we have the choice to be controlled by them or to control them. Science and spirituality are merging and the way is becoming clear. Spirit and matter are interdependent parts of unified field of our consciousness. We can prove that everything is one and not separated.

To actually experience good health it will take major changes in our belief systems. Such changes demand that we understand how the patterns of our minds create our physical experiences in Life. We have the power to choose, yet many of us are not aware of our choices and we limit ourselves to the unpleasant circumstances of pain and dis-ease. To awaken the healing process, we must first acknowledge the areas of our Life in which we feel we have no choices.

As long as we hide from our problems, we will continue to be controlled by them. By bringing them out into the open, we can begin to question them and do something positive about them. We must discover why we have a problem. When we are in pain or dis-ease, we are attached to some behavior pattern which is related to the situation. By looking at our discomfort as the effect of choices we have made in the past we can begin to control our health. When we blame our health problems on external sources, we lose control of our well-being.

We can only change ourselves. Once we take responsibility for our actions, we can trace our imbalance back to patterns of negative thinking. We can then decide to keep them or we can change the way we think. Once we identify and recognize our negative thought patterns and replace them with positive thought patterns we will begin to notice a change. When we revert back to a negative pattern of thinking the physical imbalances will return.

We are at a critical junction now, we are at a point where what we do today is going to make a fundamental difference tomorrow.

Happy Balancing!

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