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Six Healing Sounds

Certain sounds and tones can bring the body into a state of better health and harmony. These sounds can dramatically affect body tissue. These six healing sounds are associated with specific organ groups:                  

After a strong inhalation, the sound is produced while exhaling slowly. Breathing should be natural. Choose a quiet place. Sitting in a straight-backed chair is the best position. Keep the spine straight. During the exhalation positions, look up so your head is tilted back. This creates a path from the open mouth, through the throat and down to the organ. The sounds are performed with the lips, teeth and tongue, and can be heard internally or externally. All sounds are made slowly, evenly and sub-vocally. Wait at least an hour after eating to begin the practice. Visualization is important. See the organ working at it’s top efficiency during the exercise. Smile into the organ and visualize the associated color.

For best results, practice the sounds in the sequence given or you may perform a single sound for a specific organ imbalance. Practice these sounds daily to help maintain a healthy state of the organs. When you are having an imbalance with a specific organ use the associated sound to speed recovery and healing. Repeat the exercise up to 36 times to affect improvement. Rest a few seconds after each repetition.

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