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Gem Therapy

Gems possess the vibrations and powers of the Earth. Stones have been used from earliest times for specific ends. Gem therapy is a form of vibrational therapy, similar to color therapy, that utilizes the mineral kingdom's ability to hold magnetic force fields. Stones are bodies of energy expressing a definite vibrational pattern that resonate with our bodies. Gems and stones act more on the etheric body than on a physical level. They act as transformers that work directly on the etheric light field which extends up to 18” beyond the physical body.

Any crystalline material within this etheric body has the ability to influence the entire system. Although gem- stones do not work directly on the physical level, the frequency and magnetic field flowing from a particular mineral will affect the physical body. Our etheric body will recharge itself by absorbing the energy radiating from gemstones. They have the ability to integrate with our aura to help amplify energy flow. They tend to draw the pattern of dis-ease out of the etheric body. Gemstones also act as a spiritual stimulant. The application of gem therapy has a softening benefit for those who are hardened in their thoughts and minds. We can use this connection to realign our body with Nature and the forces of the Universe.

Quartz crystals contain pure silica which can synchronize, magnify and direct electromagnetic energy patterns. They also have the ability to increase awareness, and generate clarity and illumination. The refraction of clear quartz helps to re-integrate the levels of consciousness. Quartz acts as an amplifier. Crystals may be programmed to direct energy to a specific area. They will activate the properties of other stones. They also emit negative ions which are beneficial to the body. Any size will work. When using a crystal to amplify the energy flow, it works best when held with both hands. Crystals can be used to balance chakras.

Gemstone and crystal therapy is something you can do for yourself. The simplest technique is to wear the stone next to the skin, allowing the vibration to be absorbed into the body. Gems may be worn as jewelry or simply carried in the pocket or purse; they can also be taped to the body. Making the conscious effort gives more strength to the activity. Combinations of stones for body layouts are valuable to help balance the chakras.

Stones placed in liquids, like drinking water and massage oils, impart their vibration in a very short time. When attracted to a certain stone, it is likely your body requires the energy that particular stone can give you. Color, shape, how it feels and mineral content are important factors. Specific requirements and exact body locations can be determined with the muscle test or intuition.

  • Quartz crystals contain the rainbow and strengthen the sense organs. 

  • Amethyst acts to purify the soul and encourage creative thinking. 

  • Turquoise attracts oxygen and lowers blood pressure.

  • Jade pulls helium out of the atmosphere to elevate the physical. 

  • Citrine attracts hydrogen which increases assimilation. 

  • Carnelian promotes the digestion process.

  • Garnet attracts carbon and helps expand it throughout the body. 

  • Use gold to tonify or silver to sedate.

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