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Energy Balancing Bird of Fire


Proper breathing is the very essence of life. It is how our vibration works and why it happens. Breathing is the most important life function we perform. It regulates the heartbeat. Proper deep breathing is a natural way to increase the energy level and the enjoyment of life. It is the method we use to take in oxygen, which enables us to perform the activities of life and as a way of eliminating 70 percent of all the wastes generated by the body.

The practice of deep breathing exercises accelerates the intake of oxygen. Oxygen is the most important chemical in the body. It is a powerful stimulant. The body requires about 88 pounds of oxygen daily. Its main function is purification. Hemoglobin, the red element in the blood, is an iron molecule that is magnetic. It reacts to vibration to produce the oxygen carrying component of the blood. Iron is a positive ion and oxygen is a negative ion. Negative ions are attracted to hemoglobin. These are the most abundant substances in the body. Deep breathing recharges the hemoglobin.

We take approximately 21,600 breaths of air each day. The slower and deeper the breathing, the longer the life span. Rhythmic deep breathing is Nature's tranquilizer and can be used to reduce stress and release pain.

Learn to breathe energy as well as air. The result will be increased electromagnetic flow into your body, which will bring up suppressed feelings. When you learn to open your breath and relax in the presence of your feelings, you align yourself with your natural healing flow of aliveness. Your awareness will be heightened, old behavior patterns will disappear and physical dis-ease will be replaced with health and youth. The results are permanent.

Conscious connected breathing is communication with the source of life and a deep peace within ourselves. With proper breathing the physical body feels lighter, freer and we are clearer in our thinking. We will experience a more joyous outlook, emotionally we will be calmer and more serene in dealing with the situations that arise in our daily lives. During tense or anxious times, pause for a moment and become aware of your breathing. Breath slowly and deeply. With each breath comes an increase in peace. The key is to become mindful of the breathing process. The easiest way to focus in the present is to spend time consciously breathing deep into your lungs. Continue this practice until you do not have to think about the process, then it will become automatic. Conscious connected breathing allows us to live in the now.

Breath of Fire

This exercise is done while sitting in a chair or on the floor. Take a deep breath in through the nose, then exhale quickly and forcefully, out through the mouth. Inhalation through the nose will happen naturally after each exhalation. Placement of hands is optional. It must be performed for one full minute followed by one minute of rest and then another minute of breathing exercise for a total of five minutes. This technique helps in the metabolism of fat. Avoid cold drinks afterwards. This activity is equivalent to running two miles.

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