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This manual is for educational purposes and is designed to be used as a reference and visual aid to assist in the learning and teaching of this information. It was written to help you help yourself. The techniques found in this manual have been handed down to us from many healing traditions. No method can be guaranteed, so my intent is to provide a source book for those in the process of reshaping their personal reality. Approach the techniques with an open mind and apply them with intelligence. Be guided by a sense of appropriateness. When a situation exceeds your current understanding, seek to combine your skills with someone who is more experienced.

With the understanding of Applied Kinesiology, muscle testing, radiational paraphysics and other consciousness related tools, this knowledge can be applied effectively. It must be fully understood that these methods are used only as an indicator of electrical energy patterns in the body. No information or interpretation of any part of this workbook is to be used for the diagnosis or treatment of any specific ailment. There are no cures for any human illness. Only Nature heals. The basic biological functions do the healing when the correct energy patterns are re-established in the body. As these rebalancing principles are used, beneficial results will occur because we have begun to accept the responsibility for our own health.

If we do not understand and accept this responsibility and put into practice the deeper message, this will become just another interesting healing system.  As individuals, we have the responsibility to arouse all that is within our power to walk in balance. I am merely a scribe. May I suggest that you seek your own truths. Your guidance will come from within your own physical temple when balance is achieved.

My sole purpose of a copyright is to protect my right to share this information freely. This book may be reproduced in part without permission for personal or group study use. No reproduction in any form is authorized for commercial purposes. The use and sharing of this information is encouraged for the purpose of improving the health and well-being of human kind. Making use of our natural abilities to heal ourselves is the only way we will get well. Knowledge is not enough to change. What is needed after insight is a commitment to practice. Take the time to start practicing now.

I dedicate this book to my three sons, Scott James, Mark Thomas and Paul Gregory. My special thanks to Edna, Linda, Peg and Jill who helped make this book possible.

I hear and I forget.
I see and I remember.
I do and I understand

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