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Chakras are electrical energy centers which are created by the endocrine glands and the nerve centers in the body. The word Chakra comes from the Sanskrit language meaning a revolving wheel or vortex of energy. These spiraling vortexes of life energy consist of two electrical currents. The ida and pingala energies rise up through each leg and criss-cross each other up through the body. Where these currents cross, the seven major Chakras are found. This energy flows from each Chakra, through the body and circles back along the electrical pathways of the acupuncture meridians.

On the physical level each Chakra is connected to: a nerve center, one of the seven senses, and one of the seven endocrine glands. The seven colors and the seven musical notes also vibrate with the Chakras. The lower Chakras correspond to the physical elements. The three higher Chakras correspond to the non-physical elements.

The Chakras are where we allow the Universe to get our energy. This energy return is our gift to the Great Spirit. Chakra energy exits the body from both the front and the back, rotating in a clockwise direction. They are capable of being reversed. When an exit becomes an entrance, a problem will arise as this energy is absorbed back into the nervous system.

This etheric light body of energy is much like an electronic grid map surrounding the physical body. Its function is to receive and then transmit this energy and information directly in various energy centers throught the body. Which in turn activates flow through the meridans to stimulate every organ and structure in the body. This is why any physical dis-ease we experience will manifest in our auric field first.

Chakras reflect our consciousness. Vitalizing these energy centers will bring about a more radiant well-being, heightened mental awareness and an unfolding awakening to the Universe.

Chakra Balancing

Creative Visualization

Visualization is a simple, natural process we perform every day. It is an art of creating mental images. The brain thinks in pictures, not words. Visualization is a powerful techniques for learning and change. Thoughts create power in action. Creating a visual image in our mind will help expedite the movement of energy. Thoughts directly influence the life processes and functions. Color visualizations may also be used to facilitate the healing process. Apply the concept of remote viewing.

Balancing Breath

To balance the Chakras, visualize breathing a rainbow through the nose. Be strong enough to change the color of the air as it enters into the body. Proper breathing will expand the aura or energy field around the body.

Awakening the Chakra Energies

A powerful meditation is to feel the breath flowing through each Chakra. Use visualizations to focus the consciousness on these energy centers. Repeated sounds such as mantras or chants are also very powerful techniques to open these energy patterns. Choose the methods that work best for you. These methods are tools used to help help focus the mind to direct the flow. Many sensations may accompany the opening of a Chakra, including warmth, light, tingling, buzzing, vibrating and other feelings. Relax and allow the energy to spiral in each Chakra and to circle along the meridians. Surrender, let go and the radiance will fill your entire being with all the colors of the rainbow. When all the Chakras are open and flowing, we have attained self-realization.

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