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The human body is an electromagnetic being and is subject to those forces that affect all forms of life existing on Earth. This electrical system is reflected and contained within our makeup and effects our total behavior physically, mentally and chemically. The human body consists of negative and positive electrical charges. When these charges become out of balance, pain occurs. The correct application of magnets on the body brings these electrical charges back into balance. The effect of a balanced charge rejuvenates the body cells and strengthens the immune system which in turn promotes good health. When magnets are applied, a magnetic energy field is created.

South Pole - Positive - Red side of the magnet - Increases the function. Rebuilds and has an energizing , vitalizing affect on the body. It’s influence will inspire a higher degree of energy and development. Stimulates and accelerates the healing of fractured or broken bones. muscle strains, spasms, injured ligaments and rejuvenates the blood.

North Pole - Negative- Blue side of the magnet - Decreases the function. Breaks down, contracts and arrests development. Reduces infections, inflammations, tumors, cysts, swelling, abscesses, calcium deposits and pain. Dissolves blood clots. Effectively slows and stops bleeding. Promotes the removal of toxins from the body.In the case of a bone injury when there is swelling (which is the body’s attempt to set and hold the area), apply the North Pole of the magnet to the area to bring down the swelling. When the swelling is gone, apply the South Pole of the magnet to regenerate the bone.

Never apply the South Pole of the magnet to any location where there is swelling, infection or any inflamed conditions are present in the body. Always test for the required time period of application. Use caution when applying magnets to the skull, simply test to see if it is okay to apply them to this area.

The proper application of the magnet when treating burns is to apply the North Pole to the burn area to limit or reduce pain and swelling. After the area has healed over and there is no infection, begin applying the South Pole of the magnet to aid in the forming of new tissue.

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