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K-27 Energy Buttons

How to boost your natural energies and reset your electro-magnetic body

The 27th and last points on the kidney meridians are the neurological center of the acupuncture circuit. This main switchboard is an important organizer of energy flow throughout the body. They are located between the clavical and the first rib up against the breastbone.

Energy travels in a figure eight pattern through the body. It enters the left foot, crosses at the navel, and surfaces at the K-27 points, crosses the navel again and exits out the right foot.

Nature heals, provided these points are in their proper aligned positions. When this energy is flowing, we are "plugged in" and connected to the universal flow of energy.

When the K-27s are out of position, the body cannot express balance and therefore does not perform to its maximum potential.

The K-27s are related to the following associated conditions:

  • Low energy

  • Tired all the time

  • Low immunity

  • Always sick

  • Jet lag

Technique to Realign Body Energy

When self adjusting use the right hand to stimulate the left K-27 and the left hand to stimulate the right K-27 for easier access and leverage, while the opposite hand is placed over the navel. It is important to always ground at the navel.

Stimulate K-27 points with firm rotary pressure for 15 to 30 seconds each or until pain at K-27 points is gone.

The K-27s may be stimulated as often as necessary. When they are sensitive, they need attention. Finger massage to the K-27 acupuncture points tonifies and aligns the total energy system. This technique can be used on a daily basis and randomly throughout the day to revive a bored or sluggish body.

Stimulate before arising in the morning and start the day smoothly.

What to expect when the K-27s are reset on a regular basis

  • More energy

  • Clearer thinking

  • Improved vision

  • Brightens and straightens your body on all levels

  • Ability to perceive the truth

  • Experience being plugged into the universe

  • Feeling tuned up and turned on with an enormous improvement in everyday living and effectiveness

K-27 Stimulation

K-27 Stimulation

K-27 Stimulation
K-27 Self Adjust
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K-27 Self Adjust

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K-27 On Another
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K-27 On Another

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