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Welcome To Minckler Energy Balancing

Welcome To Minckler Energy Balancing. Minckler Energy Balancing For Natural Health is organized to distribute and teach our unique program of healing. Energy Balancing is a synthesis of philosophies, techniques and consciousness gathered from the Oriental, Egyptian and Native Peoples' cultures to bring together ancient healing arts integrated into easy step-by-step procedures to influence and affect how we feel by restoring and maintaining balance in the body.

The focus is to eliminate blocked or restricted energy flow using various hands-on methods and to approach the body from different levels. The concept is focused on wellness. The attention is directed to the organ/meridian system not expressing its potential. Dis-ease is looked upon as an opportunity for inner communication.

Your body does not believe in cures. Healing is a basic internal biological function that only the body can perform. The body is designed to operate perfectly. Only when we use it in ways it is not intended to be used, does it cease to accomplish perfection. Everything we are is a result of everything we have done. Good health is something that needs to be re-learned.


Self-healing is only a study of Life and Nature; it is communication with the immense natural forces that surround us and are available to us.

Other important aspects of the program include color therapy and its practical application, the understanding of chakras and their role in well-being, the emotional connections to specific systems, and aura balancing. Energy Balancing allows for the recognition of the essential connections between body, mind and Spirit. Initially this program can be used as a crises management plan and with regular use will mature into a guide for prevention.

In a continuing effort to expand this healing information to the Planet, the presentation that follows is the first holistic natural health program offered on the internet to present an interactive question and answer agenda. Keyed to basic health categories such as energy, coordination, digestion and elimination. It offers various hands-on touch therapies to eliminate those everyday aches and pains in a very simple and attainable ways.

The background pages of this website are color coded and designed to match the subject matter and layered to parallel the chakra levels in the body. When these pages are viewed, the color vibrations, which are energy, will be absorbed by the pituitary gland that acts as a prism to distribute this color energy throughout the body. The result is the viewer will have their aura or energy field balanced in the seven colors of the rainbow automatically, especially when they are deep breathing properly. The outcome will be an increased feeling of well-being and heightened mental awareness.

Certified Minckler Energy Balancing practitioners share this information with groups meeting in circles throughout North America and Europe. We offer two books on Energy Balancing: A Holistic Guide to Wellness and Advanced Techniques. The books are written as easily useable reference and visual guides to help people accept responsibility for their own lives.

Welcome and enjoy our website, there is a lot here. It represents a few of the highlights of the lecture series and the books. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us by e-mail. Please feel free to request information on future seminars in your area.

Thank you for checking us out.

We wish you a balanced and joyful life!

Linda Minckler

Linda has been a practitioner of the Energy Balancing modalities for over the past 17 years and has helped develop its core healing training programs

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