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All Is One

How would you like to plug into the universal network of energy available to you right now? Our body has an electrical energy field very similar to the computer that you are using. In fact, the living body was the first computer and everything is patterned from that humble beginning.

In the past, the ancient knowledge of energy balancing was only available to a select few. Today with the advancement of communication technology, this information is being made available to all.

Our homepage is designed to be used as a reference and visual aid to assist in the learning and teaching of information available through the insights of ancient teachings; to understand and renew our relationship with the sources of life; and to live in harmony with the Universe.

The Earth has a living skin of air called the atmosphere. There are two basic processes within this swirling atmosphere: cloud formation and cloud movement. Coupled by lightning activity, clouds circulate in a pattern around the globe, interlocked in a web of electricity that is woven throughout the Universe. These electrical patterns govern all life on this planet. We are all connected together through these electrical currents and their associated magnetic fields. All living things embody this energy in nerve-pulse firings to sustain life. Everything in the universe has its own wave length, or frequency of vibration, whether it is a cell in our body, a thought in our mind, or a star light-years away.

We live in a society which has taken this natural life force and captured it in an electronic culture. We have forgotten that this is a natural and spiritual process. Ancient Native prophets have said that a time would come when humankind would forget about the Great Spirit. They foretold we would misuse the Earth, try to capture it, and become caught up in the material world. This is the world we live in now.

We have relied upon science which views the natural world of forces of Creation as machines. The momentum of this collective unconsciousness has unfolded in an incomplete knowledge of the Universe, which has resulted in "incurable" diseases. We must make profound changes in our awareness, awareness of the limits of scientific capability and of the integration of the natural laws. These are crucial educational tools we must employ to free our spirit. Good health is our divine birthright. We are not here to be continually at the mercy of aches and pains. The body was designed to operate perfectly. Only when we use it in ways it was never intended does it cease to accomplish this perfection. Everything that we are is a result of everything we have done.

Dis-ease is always a blockage of the electro-magnetic energy that flows through the body. When this flow becomes blocked, it comes out in some unhealthy way. The new physics are confirming this. Energy does not just stop; it must find a path. When it comes out in unnatural ways, it is seen as dis-ease. We need to know the nature of this flow, its motion as it courses through the body, what blocks it, and what blocks must be removed so we can free ourselves to walk in balance with the Universe.

When we were made, we were given the ability to heal ourselves. The body is the best computer ever made. It functions like an electrical circuit and has an innate intelligence which will respond to questions we may ask it. Each organ has a specific muscle in the body which acts as its reflex point. Through muscle monitoring, we can take advantage of the body's own wisdom. With consciousness, we can tune into areas of imbalance. Dis-ease is always an imbalance of electrical energy. Too much or too little energy in any part of the body always manifests itself as a muscle weakness. When an organ is not taking its full responsibility, the rest of the body has to work much harder . This is stress. Continued or sudden stress is what we feel as pain. The function of pain is to inform us that we are in some measure failing to fully adapt ourselves to our environment. Pain is the body trying to tell us that we are out of synchronization with the natural order. We must find out why it hurts. We must listen to what the pain is trying to tell us. When we seek, listen, and understand, we can begin to eliminate the fear of the unknown.

Doctors of the future will give no medicine, but will share an interest in the care of the human frame, in correct nutrition, and the cause and prevention of dis-ease. "Doctor" is a Greek word meaning teacher. Therefore if we go to someone and they do not teach us how to care for ourselves, we are in the wrong place. We must become our own doctor and resume the responsibility for our own health. Nothing is curable when we delegate the authority to someone else to fix it for us.

We have become symptom chasers. We have convinced ourselves that it is okay to be the tail. Symptom relief really only allows us to stay sick, whether it is an aspirin, eyeglasses. or a gall bladder operation. The use of patent drugs to sedate and deaden inflamed nerves and tissue eventually results in the condition becoming chronic because Nature's warning signals are ignored. Treating the symptom never alleviates the root cause. We have a tendency to isolate an illness or physical condition, placing the blame on an external cause, instead of looking at the factors within our control. If we assume we are at the mercy of germs and viruses, we are isolating the condition and placing the blame outside of ourselves. We relinquish our control over our present state of health. All dis-ease comes from within. The idea of search is in error.

The alternative lies in the correction of physical, emotional and spiritual imbalances. Each individual is capable of achieving and maintaining this balance and functioning as a whole in relationship to the Universe. If we have dis-ease, we must change our lifestyle, including what we eat. If we are to understand what the masters teach, we must also eat the same properly prepared natural foods. Our habits have put us in a rut, and the only difference between a rut and a grave is the amount of dirt in our face. By resuming responsibility and by taking action we are free to create our own destiny. This is a powerful antidote to the negative habits of mind which have stunted our lives.

With overwhelming health problems it makes sense to explore new, fresh, and perhaps even radical approachs in an attempt to solve our difficulties. If we want things to be different, we must begin to think and do things differently. One of the more misleading errors is the individual naming of dis-ease. This is not important and only separates us further from good health. When we apply the correct method of therapy we are ready to take control of our lives. Aquarian age self-health techniques can be used to restore and balance energy flow.

We must begin to listen to the eagle and the coyote. We must begin to hear the wind and the bubbling creek. We must start listening to our hearts instead of our minds. Twenty four hundred years ago, Plato wrote that all knowledge is merely remembering. There is nothing new under the sun ; we have only forgotten. The more we look into our origins, the more we find that everything is in reverse of what we thought it was. When physics and mysticism are integrated and brought into our earthly realm, we will learn how the Earth is the source of our energy, only then will it flow naturally. This advocates being in harmony with the Spirit; and with the natural flow and motion of the breathing skin of the Earth. What we are talking about is consciousness: the awareness of one's own existence, sensations and thoughts of one's own environment. Only when we explore as fully as possible the truth that Heaven is here on Earth, and that we are capable and responsible enough to make that Heaven a free and transformative experience, will we live up to our purpose and fullfill the promise of our own experience. As we gain experience and knowledge, these ideas will become more important and will have greater effect. Let us arise to a sense of spiritual endowment and truly seek our inner splendor.







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