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Love is an affirmation of the Universal energy that flows through us. Unconditional love and creativity are the driving forces of Life. When we carry fear, worry or anger in our minds we cannot really feel or demonstrate the energy of unconditional love, which is the greatest force on the Planet. When our awareness resides in our hearts, we transcend the negative emotions and begin to heal ourselves. Developing a sense of reverence and awe is what will free us from our addictive and destructive behavior patterns of the past. The most important responsibility we have during this lifetime is to love ourselves. We cannot change until we begin loving ourselves. We cannot love others until we love ourselves.

We must learn to see the good, especially in ourselves and to be tolerant of ourselves. We must accept ourselves just as we are and then allow ourselves to grow from that point in a gradual step by step approach. In this way, we become a purer channel of expression for our own highest spiritual ideal. Unconditional love and happiness serve as master keys to open the doors to social progress.Whether or not 

the goal of evolution is achieved depends on us. Love yourself enough to not be a victim anymore.

Begin the healing with forgiveness, then love will flourish. True forgiveness is a conscious choice to open ourselves to the truth of who we are. Forgiveness is the quickest way to freedom. It is a commitment to setting ourselves and others free of the limitations of our past perceptions. It is a chance to start anew. The ability to forgive is a great gift we can give to ourselves. With forgiveness the wounds are healed. Anytime we can eliminate what is not true in our lives, we clear space to allow what is true for us to enter into our hearts and minds. The process of forgiveness is freeing ourselves to receive what we want most in our lives, to give and receive love.

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