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Energy Balancing Therapies

The Whole Person

The integration of mind and spirit with the body is integral to the wellness of the Whole Person. The following are tools that can help you discover your inner spirit and follow your path to completeness.

K-27 Energy Buttons

How to boost your natural energies and reset your electro-magnetic body. The 27th and last points on the kidney meridians are the neurological center of the acupuncture circuit. This main switchboard is an important organizer of energy flow throughout the body. They are located between the clavical and the first rib up against the breastbone.


How to organize your coordination - The correcting procedure is an education program to improve nervous system organization. The exercise causes the brain to send the signal down the correct channel to reorganize and repattern the energy of the brain by activity. It affords the opportunity to go back to the crawling stage to lock in the correct pattern of energy in the brain. The more a person needs cross-crawl, the more difficult it will be to perform.

Main Lymphatic Duct

The Main Lymphatic Duct is the first of the four special tests. This passageway is located on the right side below the shoulder next to the armpit. The Lymphatic process is the muscles' sewer system. This area is the main drain for lymphatic fluid for the upper portion of the body. It drains directly into the liver for processing.


When the stomach is popped up it has a tendency to lay up against the heart causing it to lose rhythm and beat irregularly. This situation is the great mimic because it can express symptoms anywhere there is blood.

Ileo-Cecal Valve

When this muscle sticks in the open position it causes a backwash from the large intestine into the small intestine, allowing fecal matter to be used in the making of blood. This has great consequences as the small intestine is where the process of creating the blood/fuel to feed the body begins. When this muscle is stuck closed, the process of eliminating waste will be hindered. Both of these conditions are very toxic and can cause a problem anywhere in the body there is blood.


The neck serves as a connecting channel from the brain to the rest of the body. when the curve in the neck is lost, the cerebrospinal Fluid flow is interrupted, affecting the whole body.

Necklash is a very common type of injury due to the lifestyle of our culture. Speed does no skill it is the sudden stop that causes the damage.

The Pelvis

This rotation of the pelvis twists the large intestine, causing waste removal to become impeded. The kidneys, small intestine, bladder, gall bladder, stomach, spleen/pancreas, circulation-sex and thyroid systems will also be affected. When the pelvis has rotated out of position, then energy of the red chakra is diminished.

Color Therapy

Light is the mask of the Creator. All life of earth depends on light from the Sun, a source of life and energy. Color is the different qualities of light. Light is the masculine or positive force in Nature, color is the feminine or negative force.  The soul always lives in color. Color is as necessary to the soul as air is to the body. When we take away the motion of light or color, we have no awareness of the appearance of matter.


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Sound Therapy

Sound is a condensed form of energy. Music is humanity understanding spiritual information clearly. The whole body responds to sound. At a cellular level, this stimulus is understood and assimilated. Sound works directly on the nervous system, radiating energy, which creates specific effects according to frequency and intensity.

Gem Therapy

Stones are bodies of energy expressing a definite vibrational pattern that resonate with our bodies. Gems and stones act more on the etheric body than on a physical level. They act as transformers that work directly on the etheric light field which extends up to 18” beyond the physical body.


Aroma therapy is a fun and valuable tool to expand awareness and improve our lives by providing clarity and mental alertness. The primal sense of smell goes directly into the limbic system of the brain, bypassing the thought process to create a positive mental attitude.

Herbal Therapy

The richest source of all of the indispensable elements for balance are available through the food herbs. Ancient writings describe them as being the safest and best method of treating discomfort. Before 1500 AD herbs were the sole source of medicine.

Zone Therapy

 The zones also have a relationship to the acupressure circuitry. Zone therapy is a simple therapy. Anyone can do it. With zone therapy, the body is divided by vertical lines into five zones on the left side and five zones on the right side. These zones relate to all parts of the body within each zone.

Self Analysis Chart

Download this chart to assist you with keeping track of your daily health processes.

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