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Minckler Energy Balancing is a synthesis of philosophies, techniques and approaches gathered from many sources. It is a unique system, blending together some of the more powerful holistic hands-on techniques. It is a fast and easy course that does not require a big investment. The focus of the program is to eliminate blocked or restricted energy patterns in the body.

Once balance is attained, this program can be used as a form of prevention with regular tune-ups. The practice of Tai-Chi, Yoga and other exercise/movement activities can be used to maintain balance. The concept is focused on wellness. Instead of being sick, the attention is directed to the organ/meridian system not expressing its potential.

Dis-ease is looked upon as an opportunity. Pain is an indication we are not on our spiritual path. Illness is seen as a healing crisis. All offer a lesson for spiritual growth.

This takes away the negative viewpoint for those who are willing to give their power away, when the blame for their health situation is placed on some external source. Dis-ease is a method of increasing communication between our bodies and our higher selves.

True healing is an internal biological function that only the body can perform. Health is something that must be re-learned. We have to start somewhere and it has to be on the physical level. We must begin by cleansing the body of accumulated wastes with a focus on the muscles which are indicators that hold everything in place. Once our system is cleansed, we can begin to receive new information.

Another important factor to acknowledge is the role that emotions play in our health. Identifying the mental level to the physical level will help to eliminate any physical problem, provided healthy foods are being eaten. During any kind of body energy work, emotions may come to the surface which, for maximum effectiveness, must be released on the spot.

This gives the opportunity to assist and to help enrich people's lives on many levels. For many kinds of healing, an expert is not necessary, just comforting hands and a hug. When sharing from this space of unconditional love, trust develops.

This presentation is a study in Metaphysics, the science of being, with the focus on personal identification. Our spiritual endeavors are the quest of the journey inward. The most important work we can do is spiritual, the opening of the intuitive feminine side as essential and become self-empowered.

The art of physically touching into this energy network is called acupressure. The techniques found in this manual have been passed down to us from many ancient healing traditions. The intent is to provide a source book for those in the process of reshaping their personal reality.

The future requires that we return to the basic values found in the ancient teachings of successful traditional cultures before we can truly identify our destiny and move forward. We are on the verge of a vast global shift in consciousness. Future survival no longer depends on what we know, rather on how it is converted into daily practice. Once peace within is attained, there will be no more war. Once the individual body is balanced and healthy, this will be reflected to us as a balanced and healthy planet. Everything is a reflection of everything else.

These body-mind-spirit ideas will help catalyze the paradigm shift in the health fields from competition to cooperation. Users of these principles and techniques represent the forerunners of a new vanguard that will lead us into the 21st Century.

Here's to continual growth! The hundredth monkey theory indicates that when you have one tiny new awakening of consciousness, so will I and so will the rest of humankind. As we help ourselves, we will be helping others. As we help others, we will be helping ourselves.




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