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The Humerus bone is the long bone of the upper arm. It connects the shoulder blade to the elbow. It’s function is important for the working and movement of the shoulder and elbow. This bone allows you to reach, pull, lift, push and rotate objects. The shoulder joint is a ball and socket joint that is held into place by muscles. The most common problem is when the Humerus bone drops down and out of position and becomes dislocated from the socket because of weak muscles not holding it in place. This can happen because of injury or over-use.

Once the shoulder has been dislocated it can be considered a weak link and can slip out of alignment easily. This is also a major factor in middle back problems in the dorsal area between the shoulder blades.

The Humerus bone can also become jammed up. This usually is the result of an injury or a fall. When the shoulder becomes dislocated, it will affect muscles in the area that are connected to the Spleen/Pancreas, Heart, Kidneys, Gall Bladder, Stomach and Thyroid. Symptoms can be expressed that are related to these organ systems.

The color associated with the shoulder is yellow.

Blood fuel levels are connected to all shoulder problems.

When the blood fuel is low, muscles become weakened, allowing the shoulder to slip down and out of position. Most injuries or “accidents” will occur when blood fuel levels are low.

A castor oil pack may be applied to the area to strengthen the shoulder muscles.

Lemongrass essential oil may be added to the castor oil pack.

Shoulder Adjustment
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