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Breast Health

The Lymphatic System is an extensive network of ducts and nodes located throughout the body, to help keep fluid levels in balance and to defend the body against infection.This system removes old blood cells, excess fluid, waste, toxins and debris from the body. The lymph fluid flows between the cells to deliver nutrients, oxygen and hormones to the cells. As this fluid leaves the cells, it takes with it waste and excess protein cells. Most of the lymph capillaries are located just under the skin and are arranged in an overlapping pattern. These capillaries gradually join together to form a mesh-like network of tubes that are located deeper in the body.

The Lymphatic System is designed so that the fluid only flows upwards through the body, traveling from the arms and legs to the main drainage ducts near the armpits. This drainage system has no pumps of it’s own, but rather there are many small upside down “V” shaped check valves that open and close to move lymph fluid in only one direction to prevent any reverse flow. Lymph nodes filter the fluid before it is returned to the circulation system.  Here waste is filtered out. These nodes also trap toxins. The greatest concentrations of nodes are in the neck, armpits and groin. This fluid is an important function of the immune system.

When the system is unable to drain properly, the tissue becomes swollen and the lymph fluid flow becomes stagnant. When this happens, bacteria can enter the system allowing the affected tissues to become prone to infections. When these lymph nodes become damaged, the fluid cannot drain from the affected area. The main lymphatic ducts located near the armpits on both sides of the body can become plugged. Because of this lack of movement, restricted fluid will form swelling and lumps in the breast area because of an accumulation of lymph fluid. Over time this stagnant waste has the potential of hardening into cysts. Most lumps and bumps occur in the outer quadrant of the right breast. The location of the main or major Lymphatic Duct is also located on the right side of the body.

The Lymphatic System is activated by proper deep breathing, exercise or body movement, dry skin brushing and massage. These activities will increase movement of the lymph fluid causing it to flow upward and move through the body. Lymph nodes are soft bean shaped structures that form the filtering devices that drain body fluid tissue. Breasts have many lymph nodes which help to keep them free from infection. Lumps and bumps are created because of the lack of circulation in the Lymphatic System.

When the stomach is popped up and out of position, food is not completely digested, The hard to digest red meat will especially have a tendency to restrict and even stop lymphatic fluid from being drained from the body. Because of this stagnation, this undigested flesh then begins to decay as it travels through the body. Tumors and cysts will start to form to protect the rest of the body from this toxic waste, causing ill effects and long term illness.

A consistent monthly routine of breast self-examination is a very important tool. This awareness will lead to prevention. Every female must learn the techniques of self- awareness. Many pamphlets are available on this subject. When there is a concern, Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging or Thermography is highly recommended instead of mammograms which can be quite harmful to the body.

Foods that will slow the flow of the lymphatic fluid are mucus forming problem foods such as all dairy products, especially cow’s milk, red meat, wheat, domestic chocolate and processed foods. Other foods to avoid are coffee, sodas and soft drinks including all diet types, low grade carbohydrates, caffeine, sugar and alcohol. Also cut down on fried foods.

Eat more mucus releasing foods like fruit, especially lemons, oranges, kiwi and grapefruit. Vegetables like kale, cabbage and broccoli are excellent choices.
Some contributing factors to the problem are: lack of rest, depression, inactivity or repetitive movements of the arms. Lumps and bumps in the breasts are related to the disturbing emotions of grief, bitter weeping, fear, worry and depression. These negative emotions will shrink and restrict capillary flow throughout the body. Deep relaxation through proper breathing, yoga, tai chi and meditation address the root effects of stress and emotional upset.

Some suggestions for prevention.

Drink enough water (to keep the lymph fluid flowing). No underwire bras (they cut off the drain field).

Letting go of the naming of dis-ease (names of dis-eases are a negatively charged vibration).

Positive thoughts (will change the negative electrical charge). No more fear or worry.


These herbal recommendations are for cleansing mucus and lactic acid from the body. Equal parts in powdered form (I suggest 1/8 oz. of each herb).
Mix well in a glass jar.

Muscle test for the amount required. Add to orange juice. If the taste is considered bitter, herbs may also be put into “00” size gelatin capsules. Take daily.

The lymphatic structure is a very gentle and easy flowing system. Proper deep breathing is the driving force to move the lymphatic fluid up the body. Exercise or body movement and massage will also help to stimulate this fluid flow. Using gentle massage techniques will encourage the energy to flow again. Soreness or pain in the area is a sign of congestion. When points are tender, it is an indication the lymphatic system is not flowing properly.

Massage helps to release this congestion. Self-massage of the indicated points will activate movement allowing the excess fluid to drain. Other methods to stimulate the Lymphatic System into movement are: a daily 10 minute brisk walk, lightly jumping on a rebounder for a maximum of 5 minutes at a time. The Chi machine (Sun Harmony brand only) is designed to help lymphatic fluid flow up the body. The heat of hot tubs and saunas will also help to improve circulation. When there is a need, it is recommended these activities be done on a daily basis. If this is not possible, every other day or 3 times a week would be okay. Consistency is the key to success.

When massage and other activities do not eliminate the lumps and bumps in the breasts, a castor oil pack is highly recommended. The oil is absorbed by the tissues to increase movement and to force the lymphatic fluid to drain. Use cotton flannel (red or pink for movement) at least two layers thick. It must be large enough to cover the area being treated. Apply castor oil to the flannel and place directly over the area. Cover the area with a plastic wrap, this acts as a vapor barrier to hold the castor oil next to the skin. Secure in place, using an old bra or a tight fitting undershirt. Apply daily before bed and remove in the morning, until congestion is gone.

Magnets can also be used to direct energy flow in the area. Place the North side of the magnet on top of the castor oil pack next to the body. Secure with an ace bandage. Muscle test for exact placement and length of time to apply the magnet.


Sensitivity in area will be your immediate feedback as an indicator of blocked energy. When these areas are sensitive or tender to the touch, it is recommended that they be stimulated 2 or 3 times a day or as required.

The degree of tenderness will be in direct relationship to the severity of the condition. When a hot, burny sensation is felt it, is an indication the area needs more and immediate attention. This stimulation re-opens the pathways to release blockage and allow waste to flow properly.

Always stimulate both sides of the body.

When there is concern, establish a regular daily program to address the situation. Total time required for the routine is 3 minutes.

Regular therapy will eliminate any accumulated fear. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure



1- 1 Main drains for lymphatic fluid for the upper portion of the body. Drains directly into the liver for processing. Use fingers tips of your right hand and start at the left armpit. Apply medium pressure and lightly massage the area working up and towards the collarbone for 15 seconds on each point. Use left hand to approach right armpit. Soreness in the area is an indication the muscles are tight, restricting or stopping flow into the drain.

2- 2 These lymphatic trigger points are located between the 3rd and 4th rib approximately above the nipple. Use tip of finger, briskly massage the area in a rotary direction for 15 seconds on each point. Stimulate one point at a time.

3- 3 Located between the 3rd and 4th rib into the armpit. Use tip of finger or thumb to massage area between the ribs for 15 seconds on each point.

4- 4 Located at the 4th intercostal space on both sides of the sternum. Use fingertip to briskly massage in a rotary direction for 15 seconds on each point.

5- 5 Located at the 5th intercostal space on both sides of the sternum. Use fingertip to briskly massage in a rotary direction for 15 seconds on each point.

6- 6 Located on each side on the roll of the pubic bone. Use flat of finger to massage in a circular direction for 15 seconds on each point.

7- 7 Located on both sides of heel. Use finger and thumb to gently and firmly squeeze and massage the area for 15 seconds on each foot.

A simple exercise to tone the muscles in the area is to rotate the right arm up and backwards in a windmill motion 12 times. Repeat movement with left arm.

Breast Points
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