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Imagination, Creativity, Spirit, Bliss

The imaginative awareness lives in a world of images. This level can be spaced-out or dreamy, cloaking feedback in vivid images, caught in fantasy and cut-off from the heart. When the heart is one with the imagination, then the images are true. Our emotions, thought and feelings are dictated by the images we hide in our imagination about others and ourselves, which may be false pictures. Many of our self-images are not in tune with our capacities. They are either too little or too much. Yet we identify with our images and believe they are real. They may make us proud and arrogant or small and belittling of ourselves.

The need is to discover how we create false pictures and to not believe all our images. We need to master our imaginations that send us the false pictures which block communication with others and make reality seem very harsh when it conflicts with the imagination. We can get throught this barrier by checking our self image with our actual manifestation and by comparing our manifestation with others so that we can gain an accurate perception of where we are at. At the same time, we have to free ourselves from acting according to the images that others have of us. In its highest use, the imagination is a creative energy that can be used to take communication to deeper levels of being; only then can we fully re-create our reality.


To become masters of our imaginations and attain control over our thoughts.


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