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Main Lymphatic Duct

The Main Lymphatic Duct is the first of the four special tests. This passageway is located on the right side below the shoulder next to the armpit. The Lymphatic process is the muscles' sewer system. This area is the main drain for lymphatic fluid for the upper portion of the body. It drains directly into the liver for processing.

The main reasons for this blockage are the lack of proper movement/exercise, improper diet, and overuse of the upper torso, especially the right arm. This causes the muscle to shrink or tighten which closes and stops the flow of lymphatic fluid draining into the blood stream. Deep breathing helps to stimulate the drainage of the Lymphatic System.


  1. Test strong reference muscle.

  2. Touch area on right shoulder. Re-test.

  3. When muscle stays locked, the passageway is clear.

  4. When muscle unlocks, it is blocked




1.Deep massage, starting at the armpit and working toward the chin until the collarbone is reached focusing on the center of the muscle, for 5-10 seconds. Use sensitivity to confirm the correct massage position. This stimulation re-opens the pathway and releases the blockage allowing it to flow again.

2.To lock in correction and give the muscle a memory of balance, use medium pressure to stimulate the reflex area between thumb and index finger on the right hand for ten seconds. This stimulation also helps to erase the memory of the imbalance and applies to all four of the Special Tests.

When area is sensitive, it is recommended that it be stimulated regularly to keep it open and flowing. This stimulation may be done without testing. Diminished sensitivity is an indication blockage is cleared. When the right side is sore or blocked, also stimulate the left lymphatic duct

A simple exercise to tone the area is to rotate the right arm up and backwards like a windmill. Repeat movement with left arm for balance.

Blockage of the sinus area. Excess mucus situations like "colds" and runny noses. Swollen lymph nodes. Lumps in female breasts (esp. the right side). Overweight. Exhaustion. Affects the functions of the stomach, gall bladder, liver and endocrine glands.

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