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The Past, Habits, Memory, Expression

The conceptual awareness is idealistic and may often refer to situations from the past. Often the expressions we have experienced were not intentional, yet we have a memory of them stuck in our mind. We conceptualize them and those memories influence our communication with others and color our perceptions. This level frequently gets stuck in concepts of how things should or ought to be and therefore unable to experience how things really are. On this level, we are prone to identify with our own needs and concepts as reality.

The need is to work on listening more deeply without playing old tapes in our minds and look for the real, not the ideal. This level also needs to learn to live without expectations and concepts of how things ought to be. This will bring about mastery of our thoughts, emotions and the way we program our memories with morals, ethics and concepts and help us to stay in touch with the real messages of the here and now.


When devotion transcends thoughts, concepts and assumptions.

When devotion trancends thoughts, concepts and assumptions.


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