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Eating natural and organic foods is a practical and necessary discipline of life that everyone can observe with great pleasure. It restores health and harmony to the body, mind, and spirit. This is essential for joyful living. It is very simple in practice. What is natural is determined by taking into consideration both the innate biological needs of the human body and the needs that are superimposed by the environment such as weather, altitude, types of activity and the time of the year.

Our body is made from what we eat. We become what we take in to our bodies, physically and mentally. Improper eating causes a considerable amount of stress on the body. The education of the correct menu is one of the biggest tests of our egos. Confidence and self-discipline are the only requirements. Give up everything that is not absolutely necessary to your life and you will experience freedom, health, and happiness as never before. Without health it is very hard to do anything. When we want to live in the Land of Paradise, we must begin to eat the foods of paradise: fresh fruits and vegetables.

Basically eating is replacing the essential minerals and biochemical elements that our own bodies cannot manufacture: vitamins, cofactors, essential fats and amino acids, and all (hopefully) constituents for life. Although our bodies recover most of their replacement needs, constant losses occur.

We replace our losses by consuming chlorophyll life forms that live on sunlight, or a portion of them, such as fruits, 

grains, roots, tubers, flowers, stems and leaves. Some of us plant eaters then feed the carnivores who are capable of digesting animal substance.

So fruits and vegetables are our best source of life essence when fresh; vitamin, mineral, protein and carbohydrate fuel when preserved. Vegetables also cause no elimination problems and, if a variety are eaten, produce balanced amino acid nutrition. The complete oils pressed from olives, soybeans and other seeds require no refining and, if unheated, will provide ample essential fats required for normal fat metabolism.

The bywords are:


  • Fresh is best/always in season, and raw is preferred for some vegetables.

  • Once an oil or fat has been heated it is inedible drain everything you fry!

  • Pasteurized butter and margarine (plastic fat) have been heated before you bought it.

  • Important water soluble fats (lecithin) are destroyed by heating which leaves a non-soluble residue (cholesterol) that will clog your arteries. Cooking also destroys native vitamin C. However most of the vitamin B group are in hot soup and garlic has a vitamin C-like effect of its own. Vegetable broths still contain a major part of the initial nutrient value. Mixed vegetable and bean soups are all-purpose nutrition staples among the healthiest cultures and their spices are medicinal.


  • Cravings represent mineral deficiencies and are usually associated with a deficiency of energy in a specific meridian, e.g. thyroid or stomach.


  • Mineral deficiencies associate with refined sugar consumption, including starches and alcohol. Coffee ties up calcium. Prepared foods are mostly inadequate.


  • The richest edible source of mineral is sea kelp or dulce and is outstanding in soup and sauces. Use it as an all-purpose spice.


  • Herbs and spices bring medicines into our diet to bring the body to balanced function.


  • The study of good nutrition will take the student quickly to older cultures from around the world, who live simply, and eat naturally. Imitate only the healthiest.


  • The advantages of adequate nutrition on overall health are undeniable. The daily benefits are less discussed but equally important. A steady supply of energy throughout the day makes for efficiency and clear headedness, and avoids emotional dysfunctional outbursts due to fatigue and inattention to personal responsibilities.


Our youth and beauty culture has idolized slimness and popularized many misconceptions about eating. First of all, not eating is harmful, low blood sugar brings confusion and bizarre behavior. Eating the wrong things such as stimulants and sugars disturbs the control mechanisms that smooth the blood sugar levels. Frequent small meals rich in minerals, proteins and healthy fats are a much better approach to weight control and an appealing personality.

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