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Sound Therapy

Sound is a condensed form of energy. Music is humanity understanding spiritual information clearly. The whole body responds to sound. At a cellular level, this stimulus is understood and assimilated. Sound works directly on the nervous system, radiating energy, which creates specific effects according to frequency and intensity. It can be used as a way of cleansing and purifying our etheric body. Every sound emits a certain color. Sound and color are just different rates of vibration. They are more potent when used together. Healing with vibration will help us to fulfill our evolutionary potential.

Existence is full of vibration. It is everywhere. The wind passing through the pines is music, the water descending from the mountains is music, the birds and animals are music. The whole existence is a kind of great orchestra. It is a symphony. 

We are born to be a song of bliss. Humanity is hidden music, and the music is trying to explode, but we have created such a hard crust (ego) around ourselves that neither can the music of existence enter into us nor can our music have a meeting with the music of the without. We have created a wall between the without and the within; that wall is the ego. That wall is the idea of separation, that we are separate from the Universe. We are not. We are all One.

The only illusion that humankind has to drop is the illusion of separation. Then suddenly the inner song will burst forth and meet with the outer. They will become one, a pulsation and a rhythm. That experience of the within and the without becoming one is the peak of joy, of ecstasy of life and the glorious beauty of it all.

The idea of separation has to be dropped slowly. See and search for moments when you feel more in tune with existence so that the layer of separation becomes thinner and thinner. Listening to music, in meditation, seeing a beautiful sunset, or the starry night, or just sitting silently doing nothing, emerging, melting, disappearing. Allowing more and more moments of this kind. This is a rare kind, because we are so preoccupied that we never allow those moments to erupt, or even if sometimes they happen, we are in such a hurry that we never take note of them.

Start seeking those beautiful moments as they are the windows of the Creator.


Please click on the colors below to hear a musical representation of them.

B - Violet - 493 Cycles 485 Hertz
A - Indigo - 440 Cycles - 427 Hertz
G - Blue - 392 Cycles - 385 Hertz
F - Green - 349.2 Cycles - 342 Hertz
E - Yellow - 329.1 Cycles - 322 Hertz
D - Orange - 292.1 Cycles - 289 Hertz
C - Red - 261.2 Cycles - 259 Hertz
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