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For centuries, humankind has used the natural aromas of Nature to soothe, to create atmosphere and to enliven space. Aroma therapy is a simple and natural method of utilizing the vibration of concentrated energies within Nature to unlock our minds and bodies. It can affect a change in consciousness by altering a mood to create internal transformation. Aroma therapy is a fun and valuable tool to expand awareness and improve our lives by providing clarity and mental alertness. The primal sense of smell goes directly into the limbic system of the brain, bypassing the thought process to create a positive mental attitude.

Aroma works directly on our e-motional centers to deepen the sense of peace and reduce the effects of stress. It can be used to calm or stimulate the central nervous system to reduce muscle tension and promote restful sleep. Aroma therapy has the potential to unlock and release deep e-motional feelings and memories. This therapy also has the ability to reduce pain. Each scent is a physical manifestation of a universal principle or an aspect of our wholeness. They can be used to assist in the purification and detoxification of the body. When combined with visualizations they greatly enhance the efforts of aroma therapy.

This will awaken the subconscious mind that is usually blocked by the conscious mind. To direct this healing energy visualize sunshine or rays of white light entering into your body through the nose, while inhaling the aromas. Visualize the aroma itself, washing away all negative thoughts, dispelling them as you exhale.

Several methods of application are available, mostly depending on the form of the aromatic plant materials: fresh or dried flowers or leaves, seeds, roots, wood chips, berries, etc. Rubbing the material between the fingers will release many scents. It is best to collect plants before sunrise, when their oil content is at its peak. Most roots or spices must be lightly crushed or powdered to release their essence.

Essential oils are concentrated forms of natural plant material. Oils are convenient. Use by placing one or two drops on a cotton ball, or put directly on the skin or use in baths. Potpourri is an excellent expression, heating helps release some fragrances. Incense is another powerful way to affect change. The use of natural aromas is a splendid way to bring the healing energy of Nature into our lives and deepen our connection to the Earth.

Seasonal Essential Oil Tips

Essential Oils For Summer Time Use

Peppermint-Indigestion, helps the body cool down in hot weather, excellent for bug bites, stings, and sunburns. A very effective oil for pain of any kind. Will help decrease inflammation and swelling on an injury.

Try putting a couple of drops of peppermint oil in a water container, freeze it. This will evenly disperse the oil in the container and enjoy. It can cool the body off very effectively.

Lavender-Sunburns, sleep support, accidents, bruises, it is wonderful to put a few drops on your pillow at night or bed sheets.

Purification-insect bites, stings, and for garden pests. Very good to diffuse and use for mosquito repellent.

Panaway-Use for accidents such as sprains, or impact type of injury.

Aroma Seiz-Excellent for tight muscles

Marjoram- Sore and tight muscles.

Bug spray recipe

1/4 cup vanilla extract, 1/4 cup lemon juice (bottled), 15 drops lavender oil, and 16 oz. water. You can increase the recipe depending on the size of the container you are using. If it is a big spray bottle you can double the recipe. It is very effective.

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