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Healing Powers of The Sun

Light from the Sun is a nutrient to the body. Sunlight rates with pure food, water and air as part of the life support system for all life on planet Earth. It is recognized as being an absolute necessity for all life on our planet to exist. We all know that plants use light directly. Our physical bodies also need direct sunlight. 98% of light absorption by the human body is through the eyes, with only 2% being absorbed through the skin. Sunlight is important for mind and body well-being.

The entire spectrum of natural sunlight is essential for optimal functions of all living cells in plants, animals and humans. Light is the second most important environmental input, after food, in controlling bodily functions. Sunlight produces vitamin D and catalyzes other crucial metabolic processes such as the absorption of calcium. Calcium plays a vital role in the transmission of messages in the brain and in the efficiency of the immune system. Sunlight is also responsible for many other health benefits.

The amount, quality, color and the frequency of light influences everything in the brain and the whole body. A lack of sunlight impairs the natural defense mechanisms of the body to all forms of stress, both physical and emotional. The ability of the immune system is lowered in the winter, fatigue increases and overall levels of health decline.

The ultraviolet rays of the Sun increases the body’s resistance to a wide range of infectious agents, it also increases the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood and improves stress tolerance by increasing adrenaline.

While UV rays in overdose amounts can cause harm, we require a minimum of 30 minutes to 2 hours maximum of regular entire spectrum sunlight daily. This includes a natural proportion of UV exposure. There are a lot of people who are fatalistic about the Sun, saying it is harmful. When the toxicity of the body is high, there is a greater possibility to experience reactions to exposure to the Sun. Commercial sun-screens are harmful and create toxicity in the body.

For overexposure to the Sun, there are excellent natural products like sesame or olive oil can be used for protection.

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