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Intellect, Mental Awareness, Self-Respect, Wisdom

The intellectual awareness is verbal and analytical. It may deflect feedback and rationalizations. This level can get caught up in the head and lose contact with the heart, feeling separate or cutoff from others as a result.

The need is to slow down, stop rationalizing or expecting others to be a certain way without questioning our own basic assumptions and perceptions, to get in touch and stay in touch with feelings and to tune in to the inner worlds of others to feel what they are feeling. If we do not understand how our intellect works, we will not understand the blocks to pure perception. Only self-analysis will transform this level. This means probing the heart with intellect. We cannot do this alone, but rather but by analyzing ourselves in a group as we are experiencing others. The best method is to watch our judgements and point the fingers at ourselves at the same time we are pointing the finger at another.


To discover the self-sense that includes all other self-senses as well as dissolving the separation between ourselves and others.


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