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Food Combining

Food being of different character and composition require different types of digestive enzymes of different strength. These juices are poured into the stomach at different times during the digestive process and correspond to the differences in their digestibility.

These different enzymes have certain well defined limitations. When we eat in such a manner as to over- ride these limitations, food is not digested properly. Proper food combining is a way of respecting these limitations. We receive no value from food that is not digested. Eating wrong food combination creates mucus which plugs the lymphatic system. To eat and have food spoil in the digestive tract is a waste. The spoiling of food produces toxic poisons within the body. A change to correctly combined meals reduces the load of the digestive system. As a result an immediate improvement in health will be noticed.

Once you have practiced properly combining your foods, the practice will become automatic and less time will be spent on it.


  1. Always eat fruit first. Wait 5 - 10 minutes before eating veggies.
  2. Eat no more than two categories of fruit at a meal; mix only a few varieties.
  3. Wait 30 minutes before and after meals to drink, this includes liquids of any kind. Liquids dilute the gastric juices causing food to stay in the stomach longer, making digestion difficult.
  4. Avoid eating nuts with juicy fruit. Liquid makes nuts indigestible.
  5. Eat only one concentrated protein food at a meal. It is best eaten last. Green vegetables and tofu are a good combination.
  6. No animal in freedom is a mixed eater. It is best not to mix too many kinds of food at one meal.


Be content with two or three varieties; this is sufficient. The fewer food mixtures the better.

  1.  Refrain from overeating. Moderation in all things. Too much food results in dullness of the mind.


Individuals differ greatly in their ability to tolerate food combinations, so food combining charts may serve as a springboard for beginning to explore one’s own tolerances. Many people find they respond favorably to meals which contain only one or two foods.

Food Combining Chart
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