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An Introduction to Natural Health

Minckler Energy Balancing is a synthesis of philosophies and techniques gathered from many sources. It is a unique system blending different holistic hands-on methods into one complete program. 

The major goal is education and promotion of self-care, allowing you to take responsibility for your own health and well-being, by applying the techniques to yourself and others.

Our mission is to teach awareness of your body's natural healing ability and how to use it to its full potential through the practice and application of techniques mastered through Minckler Energy Balancing.


Hours Of Operation

Monday - Thursday:
11am - 5pm ​​

We love working with our clients. Please review our

hours of operation as calls will only be received during those times.

Please schedule a time and we are happy to work with you

in person or via a phone consultation.

(406) 549-4373

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